2013 Good Deed Winner

Laingsburg Eye Care’s fourth annual Good Deed Contest winner was eleven year old, Bryce Harris. Dr. Marsha Brandon’s contest is for children 18 years old and under. The contestant writes about their good deeds and has a chance to win a prize and be recognized for doing something good. Dr. Brandon feels that complimenting a job well done may actually promote more of these good activities in the community.

This year's winner, Bryce Harris, son of Beth Harris and James Everett wrote:

"My name is Bryce Harris and I am 11 years old. When I was 10, I started a garden to sell vegetables for some extra money. While working at my church’s food distribution, I decided that they needed some help getting food, so I wanted to donate all the money I made from my garden to the food distribution program.

I worked all summer selling vegetables and raised $1,900. I was so proud! My mom took me to the Eastern Michigan food bank and I met a nice guy named Bruce. Bruce runs the food pantries and deliveries for the food bank. Bruce took me for a tour of the food bank and I learned how the food bank works. I learned how to get the most food for the money that I had raised. I was so excited about the food bank and I was surprised how many people I could help feed.

On June 8th, 2013 (my birthday), I worked and sponsored a food distribution that fed over 1000 people. Feeding the people made me very happy. I also was happy that a lot of other kids my age came to help by unloading the food truck, building the boxes, passing the boxes out and serving food at the hot meal. I served turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. It was like Thanksgiving. The food boxes we gave away were over 40lbs.

I have a goal this year to raise $10,000. It will be a lot of work but I know I can do it. I have already raised $2500. My teachers, my family, fellow students, friends, dance partners, church family and strangers have all helped me come closer to reaching my goal. My community is working and growing together to help others. I have learned that you are never too young to help other people. I love to give to others and I know I am teaching others to do the same."

photo 4As an active youth member of Chesaning’sTrinity United Methodist Church and a scout, Bryce spends the second Saturday of every month unloading a truck of food and distributing the food to needy people in his community. Bryce also helps with community suppers, cleaning tables and serving people hot meals. When he saw the need, Bryce decided that all the money he raised from his vegetables would go to the food distribution at his church.

On August 29, Bryce was presented a certificate and $100 for his good deeds by Dr. Marsha Brandon of Laingsburg Eye Care. At that time, he had raised $3000 of his $10,000 goal to feed the hungry. His grandfather helped him with a larger garden this season. His vegetables are sold at his father’s store, Merchandise Galore, in Owosso. Teachers at Big Rock Elementary School donated more than $260 to the food pantry as a result of Harris’ enthusiasm for doing good. Friends were involved with helping stamp out hunger at Bryce’s birthday party.

An "A" student, Harris attends Chesaning Middle School. Along with the work he does with his church, he is a competitive dancer for Kim’s Dance Dynamics and a wonderful big brother to his three younger siblings.

Anyone interested in helping Bryce meet his goal of $10,000 to help feed the hungry may send donations to:

Trinity United Methodist Church
1629 Brady Street
Chesaning, MI 48616

In the memo put Bryce Harris Food Bank.