2014 Good Deed Contest Winner

Congratulations to Isabelle Barnett!

Dr. Brandon and the LEC staff would like to send the warmest congratulations to Laingsburg student Isabelle Barnett on her Good Deed. Her story reads:

"Everyone is put into different situations at different times in their lives. Bad and good things happen to everyone. When you’re able to, you should take time to help the people that might be less fortunate than you are.

Those opportunities aren’t always just handed to you, sometimes you have to go looking for them. In my case, the opportunity to help others was given right to me. This July I got the chance to serve at a homeless shelter with my grandma. I was nervous going into the night I was helping. I was scared I might do something wrong and someone might get upset. Luckily the night went very smoothly. When we were at the shelter the job we did was serve them dinner. I got to help some of the women with children take their food trays through the line. The kids were very excited about the food that they got to have to. One of the things the kids got most excited about was eating the watermelon. Everyone was very polite and kind. The experience that I had there was very eye opening. We just served them dinner and yet it made a difference to some of those people. I learned it doesn’t have to be something huge to help people. No matter what you do to help people, big or little it’s all the same in their eyes."

Thanks so much for your submission, Isabelle! It's so awesome to watch you impact your community for the better!