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2020 Good Deed Contest

Ten-year-old Cameron Dethlefsen is this year's winner of the Laingsburg Eye Care Good Deed Contest. All the contestants wrote a letter about a good deed that they had done and sent it to our office. Then the letters, with names removed, were submitted to the Laingsburg businesses to vote to determine the winner. Cameron was selected for his letter which he wrote about his Nana, Tracey Poeman. Cameron has made the decision to donate a portion of his $100 gift card to the Angel Tree. We are so happy with our winner! Congratulations, Cameron!

Read the letter below:

"Me and my nana save our coins all year. Every year around Christmas we dump them in a machine. This machine counts them and gives us the receipt which we turn in for cash. Then we find an Angel Tree. Angel Tree is a wish list for kids who don't get presents. We pick out which angel to buy for. Then we go shopping! We pick out presents the kids have asked for and buy them with our cash. We then find the big box near the Angel Tree and put our presents in the box. The people from Angel Tree wrap the presents and give them to the kids. Me and my nana have done this for four years and I am excited about doing it again this year." -Cameron Dethlefsen

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