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Dr. Marsha Brandon


Dr. Marsha Brandon began her working career not as a doctor, but an elementary school teacher. She graduated from Andrews University with majors in language arts and elementary education in addition to a minor in home economics. During the summers, she went back to school to achieve her master’s degree in teaching. Brandon remained dedicated to teaching for six years, then went back to school for optometry. After just one year at Ferris State University, she received her diploma for vision science. Three years later, she graduated first in her class as a Doctor of Optometry.

The Beginning
After working part-time for seven years in other offices, Dr. Brandon founded Laingsburg Eye Care in 1999. She juggled practicing optometry, starting the new practice, and being a mother to two children: Jeffrey and Jamie. With outstanding patient loyalty, the business achieved a solid footing and grew to a full-time practice.

Doctor’s Philosophy
As a teacher and a doctor, Dr. Marsha Brandon continues to educate her patients about prevention, conditions and treatments. The refraction, or finding what prescription is needed for corrective lenses, is only one part of what Dr. Brandon does. She insists on checking each patient’s eyes for signs of possible diseases or disorders. Above today’s sight, Dr. Marsha Brandon looks after tomorrow’s vision as well.