Upcoming 2015 Good Deed Contest

One act of kindness can ignite a flame in the hearts of everyone affected. From simple tasks like opening a door for a stranger to donating endless hours to reconstructing a neighbor’s barn, kindness spreads throughout a community faster than wildfire. Dr. Marsha Brandon wants to sponsor this kindness in today’s children. Her self-founded business, Laingsburg Eye Care, is hosting its 5th annual Do a Good Deed contest. Children up to age eighteen must submit a few paragraphs that describe their good deed and how it affected the community and themselves. Entries may be submitted on location at Laingsburg Eye Care, 252 E. Grand River Road, by mail to P.O. Box 218, Laingsburg, MI 48848, or by email to laingsburgeyecare@yahoo.com. Chosen submissions will be voted on by local business owners, and the winner will receive a $100.00 Visa gift card. The Do a Good Deed contest runs until July 6, 2015. All entries must be turned in by that date or they will not be eligible for the prize (though the doctor would still love to read them). Dr. Brandon would like to wish children the best of luck in their endeavors to brighten the community, and she hopes their actions will inspire others to help as well.

Below is a quote from our 2014 Good Deed Contest Winner, Isabelle Barnette: “Everyone is put into different situations at different times in their lives. Bad things and good things happen to everyone. When you’re able to, you should take time to help the people that might be less fortunate than you are… I learned it doesn’t have to be something huge to help people. No matter what  you do to help people, big or little, it’s all the same in their eyes.”

Feel free to call or email us at LaingsburgEyeCare@yahoo.com with questions, comments or concerns.