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2019 Good Deed Contest mk1 768×1024Eight year old Brena Vincent of Ovid is this year's winner of the Laingsburg Eye Care Good Deed Contest. All the contestants wrote a letter about a good deed that they had done and sent it to our office. Then the letters, with names removed, were submitted to the Laingsburg businesses to vote to determine the winner. Brena was selected for her letter which she titled, "I Love my Grandpa” It reads, “I love my Grandpa. He is getting older and has trouble breathing. This spring I decided to help him clean the yard by picking up pine cones and sticks.”

Dr. Brandon had thanked her for her hard work while helping her Grandpa in the yard. This years prize was a $100 Visa gift card. Dr. Brandon looks forward to hearing of other good deeds young people will do in the future.

2019 Letter from state rep 2


At Laingsburg Eye Care we often find ways to minister to the local community. But Dr. Brandon even gives back to the greater Lansing community. On April 21st, 2019, Dr. Marsha Brandon volunteered her time for the 4th year by being involved in the “Pathway to Health” free clinic that gave away many different kinds of health services including medical, dental and vision screenings. Patients who were in need, received full vision exams and vouchers for glasses if needed. Dr. Brandon is always happy to partner with “Pathway to Health” and their sponsors to be able to provide vision care for people who are in need.


As you know, our Halloween Candy Buy Back program is one of our favorite things! We're so excited to share that this year, we were able to send 50 lbs. of donated Halloween candy to the Michigan National Guard to distribute locally & overseas. The youth groups from the Methodist Church donated 10+ lbs of candy and we had members from the Congregational Church write Christmas cards to include in the packages. We are so fortunate to have an incredible community to help us in supporting our Michigan National Guard.

candy buy back


Peter PatrickDr. Marsha Brandon feels it is important to recognize the giving and kind nature of the young people in our community. This year was our 7th annual Good Deed Contest. We had several entries with stories of love and kindness of which all touched our hearts. We depend on the local businesses to vote for the winner. This year was a close one but Peter took home the $100 dollar prize.

Click Here to view his Good Deed.

Great job Peter! We are very proud of all of the young people that sent in their Good Deed stories. Keep up the good work!


2017 E Day photo 700×1024

This is one of the lucky recipients of a free eye exam on our Emergency Day, 6 year old, Jace Loomis!

Dr. Marsha Brandon owner of Laingsburg Eye Care in celebration of her birthday conducted her 8th annual Emergency Day on Wednesday, September 27th.

Emergency Day is to benefit those in extreme need of an eye examination and glasses. In past years Laingsburg Eye Care has donated many free eye examinations and basic glasses to patients who fell in the Emergency Day criteria. The criteria ensure that Dr. Brandon can serve those who need help the most. Likely candidates have no insurance. Have not had an eye exam and new glasses in the past 5 years and honestly cannot afford it. This year Dr. Brandon was able to give the gift of sight to 10 patients who combined, saved over $3750.00 that day.

Laingsburg Eye Care would like to thank Walman optical and our frame representatives who helped make this day possible.


2018 food toy drive IMG 20190108 191654

During the months of November and December, Laingsburg Eye Care has a special deal. If a person gives back to their community by bringing food or toys for the office to give away, they can get an eye exam for only $49. Toys that were brought in went to the Laingsburg Congregational Church and Dairy Den collections. From there, the toys went to a place for parents to be able to come and pick out the toys for their children. Donations of food were taken to the Laingsburg Food bank.

We are so thankful to everyone that donated and made the collection a success.

FoodDrive2 225×300After living and working in Laingsburg for 15 years, Dr. Brandon chooses to give back to the community. In 2010, Dr. Brandon and her employees collected boxes of food for the Laingsburg Food Bank. Each Halloween, Dr. Brandon buys extra candy from trick-or-treaters. This candy is sent to troops overseas who may not have access to the candies from home that they love and miss. Everyone wins: the kids learn restraint against candy–which may decrease their chance of diabetes and all of the retinal issues that may arise from the disease, soldiers receive a gift from home, and the children are still rewarded for their hard work. Each year, Laingsburg Eye Care also hosts a Trunk Show, in which representatives from designers bring in a larger selection of frames. There are sales here, ranging from 20-50% off the cost of lenses. Doctor views this as a way to decrease the cost of expensive eyewear in a fun and exciting way.

In the summer, Dr. Brandon likes to keep kids active by sponsoring a Good Deed Contest. Students write a few paragraphs about how their volunteering helped the community, and other local business owners vote on the winner. In July, the winner is given an iPod with accessories or a prize of equal value. Above these events, doctor’s favorite falls on her birthday, September 27. Instead of receiving gifts, doctor gives free eye exams to people in Laingsburg who are in difficult financial situations. They also receive free eyeglasses from the lab. Doctor is packed with patients on this day, but after seeing the smiles on patients’ faces when they can read again, she feels ecstatic. “I wish I could do this more often, even though it’s a crazy day,” says Brandon. Aside from helping the Laingsburg area, Dr. Brandon has also traveled to Chile to build a church. A year later, she visited the Dominican Republic to provide vision services and glasses to those in need. Dr. Brandon cares about giving back to the community–not simply making a living in a beautiful town.

LetsHelpAt Laingsburg Eye Care we have a Let’s Help Program for people that do not have insurance and cannot afford an eye exam. We help the patient by reducing the charge for an eye exam to $49.00 and out of that we donate $10 to a local charity. This time we were able to give a donation of $200.00 to the Laingsburg Food Bank, Pictured: Dr. Brandon, Charles and Susan Dodge and our very own Mayor Michael Culpepper.

EmergencyDayIt’s Emergency Day. Free exams and glasses for those who are in need, but can’t afford it. This is the 6th annual event on or around my birthday. Thanks to my lab, Harbor, for supplying frames and lenses. What a team! Everybody wins, but especially me.

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