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Glasses Adjustments

With each pair of eyeglasses we dispense, our staff members strive to make the frame fit the patient’s face and ears perfectly. Even if the glasses weren’t purchased from our office, we are more than happy to adjust the frame to prevent sore spots or uneven wear.

optical dispensing areaIn the office, we can perform many tasks, such as

  • bend earpieces to prevent the glasses from falling
  • tighten screws to prevent a lost one later
  • replace lost screws
  • pop in a lens that has fallen out of the frame
  • and much, much more!

Whatever your need is, the staff at Laingsburg Eye Care are happy to tackle any problems you have with your glasses (or contacts). Feel free to pop in to our location during office hours to receive this service. There is no charge for glasses adjustments.

Disclaimer: Sometimes, a glasses adjustment is not enough to properly repair a frame. If need be, we can order in a new frame and swap the lenses; however, this takes time and Laingsburg Eye Care cannot cover the cost of the replacement frame. Many insurances offer some coverage for a replacement frame or lens. We can pull this information, though it is up to the patient to understand his or her insurance policies.

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